• Due to the digital world of connectivity we live in, staffing is a flexible and on-demand service that is changing how companies choose to budget and operate. Now, more than ever before are companies given a level of flexibility thought impossible just a few decades ago. That being said, let’s examine some of the staffing and recruiting strategies that are available to fit your needs.

    Flexible Staffing

    We live in a time where contractors are brought in for highly specialized needs. It used to be that contractors were temporary employees that got the short end of the stick, that they were only needed for simple throwaway work. This is no longer the case. We work in a global economy, it is no longer a given that a companies employees will work on the premises. The rise of remote work, outsourcing specialized labor, and contract work have effectively changed how projects are managed.

    • Temp-to-Hire – This hiring option enables companies with highly specific requirements to hire talent on a provisional basis to ensure they are a good fit for the role and the company culture. Don’t want buyer’s remorse? Temp-to-hire is for you, this also allows eager talent a chance to shine!
    • Temporary Staffing – Special projects require special needs. Have you ever had a project idea that was contingent upon requiring a specific talent to execute it? Temporary staffing serves to allow companies to execute on unique projects that only require talent for a short-term period.
    • Direct Hire – The meat and bones of every company, full-time talent. Hiring a full-timer is a significant investment, not only cost wise but also culture wise. It is incredibly important who you add to your team, they can hinder or help depending on their qualifications, work ethic, and attitue. Staffing HQ can serve as your pipeline to the most qualified and calibrated work candidates for your industry.
    • Locate Executives – Hiring executive professionals can be the most difficult of all. At the top of the chain, there is less talent actively searching and available. Having a staffing agency with a vast network and connections can help you make that connection to your dream candidate. Companies have grown or crumbled based on their executive’s decisions, it’s important to get the right match.
    • On-Site Vendor – Once you start taking advantage of contract and temporary staffing services, you will quickly find it can become difficult to keep track of everyone. Staffing HQ can assign an on-site consultant who will cooperate with your HR department to coordinate temporary staffing needs and ensure optimal performance.

    Flexible Workforce Advantages

    Partnering with a qualified staffing firm can improve your company in numerous ways.

    • Increase Operational Flexibility

      Being able to scale your workforce up and down with the ebbs and flows the market will ensure that you retain profitable margins and can also be in a position to expand when the time is right.

    • Reduce Training Investment

      Training employees can be a costly endeavor. Sometimes the best match out of ordinary hiring methods is not necessarily the most experienced in your particular workflow. Bringing them up to speed can be a costly onboarding process that sometimes can take up to a full year before you see returns on their efficiency and expertise. You can avoid this by letting a staffing firm get it right the first time.

    • Improve Employee Burnout

      Hiring temporary workers and contractors can let your team breathe a sigh of relief as the company tackles more complex or large-scale endeavors. Burnout is a real thing and it can severely hamper your company’s productivity and the health of your employees.

    Leading provider of Technology and Professional Staffing services for both MSP program and direct clients

    We know that you want a match in skills as well as cultural fit.

    We understand every customer is unique and needs people who not only match required skillsets but are cultural fits with their organization. The combination of our staffing methodology, local market expertise and relationships, and our focus on service excellence positions us to be a partner you can always count on.

    We offer quick results in staffing placement because we have a pipeline of candidates who are ready to work.

    Every day our team focuses on helping you find your most strategic component to success - People.

    How do we do it? We have built a vast relationship network of the best and brightest people in the market. In addition, to our network we have a clearly defined process for attracting and finding top talent that is clearly matched to fit your requirements. We have also built processes and procedures specifically created to support the unique needs of the fast-paced programs.

    StaffingHQ Staffing Methodology

    We truly listen to what you are asking for. You know your business and requirements better than anyone else. We fully understand that in order for us to help you find a great match we must listen to you first and foremost.
    We continuously research and analyze the markets. We know the skills in demand, what each skilled professional earns, where to find candidates, and how to recruit and retain top professionals.
    We have found that great relationships are one of the keys to effective sourcing strategy. We have a top referral based program that maximizes our network of professionals.
    You can be assured that our candidates are fully vetted. We will never present a candidate to you that does not go through our vigorous screening and selection process.
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