• Leading provider of Project management services

    Project management is a dance between budget, resources, staff available, and most importantly—time. Meeting deadlines is one of the most crucial aspects of providing services as a company. Being able to identify and onboard talent that can jump right in and contribute to the team can help you meet your deadlines quickly. This is especially important during heavy crunch periods or times of expansion and infrastructure change within the company.

    We have assisted many enterprises with software integrations and entire system conversions which require staff retraining.

    Project Planning

    Our experts can assist you in the planning and costing phase of your projects. We recognize that the planning stage is one of THE most critical to ensure the success of your project. Successful project planning is a skillset developed through experience and proven methodology.

    Requirements Analysis

    Our consultants are the most experienced systems integrators and analysts in the world. We are available to assist your project in accurately assessing the systems requirements demanded from your business. No matter the size of the requirement or length of engagement we are ready to provide you with the very best in the industry.

    Solution Architecture

    StaffingHQ's architecture solutions help our clients get the maximum value from legacy systems and their integration to new systems investments. We can assist your team in determining the correct solution architecture to integrate with while reaching better ROI for your business. From blueprint to realization, we are the best in the industry at designing the entire architecture for your ITsystems.

    Project Staffing

    We can provide cost-effective staffing across multiple functional and technical areas. From one supplemental project team member to entire project teams across every technology. We are ready.


    Technical and functional design is key to the success of your technical development. We recognize that proper and well thought out design specifications will lead to a project that not only delivers exactly what is required but keeps the project on time and within budget.

    Information Management

    Proper management of your data will set your organization apart from your competitors. Data is a key value proposition, and it requires a proper information strategy to maximize its effectiveness. StaffingHQ understands the data that provides the most value to the your Industry. Let us help you gain a competitive advantage with our proven information management methodology.

    Technical Development and documentation

    Our technical development teams consists of the very best programmers on the market. We not only fully grasp the technical aspects of sound development but we build for long term support stability. Our developers are not only technical but are functional, thus delivering a much higher level of product.

    Test Planning and Execution

    Our team of project managers and consultants realize the planning and preparation for testing is as important as the original blueprint. We can lead the planning, coordination and stewardship of the testing cycles required for you to receive final business endorsement.

    Training Services

    Now that the project is successfully past the design and development phase it’s time to get ready for end user training. You will find that our training approach and planning is one that facilitates an interactive and learning environment. We utilize the latest technologies in computer based training (CBT) to allow for ease of distribution and replication.

    IT Support

    Our support model offers our clients a production support center that helps them reduce the costs of running a support organization and provides a more stable option to a support center versus the offshore model.


    StaffingHQ understands that time and resources are at a premium these days, with our experience we can help you complete your system upgrades quickly and effectively. We understand that an IT service organization must provide upgrade project turnarounds with as little risk and business resource time as possible.

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